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Online course work should be engaging, interesting and enjoyable.  As you journey through any course with us, we  invite you to challenge yourself to a new experience in learning.  As we interact together through your course selection, please feel free to share your feedback and personal observations as they relate to the topic you are studying.  We are  excited you are here! 


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A Closer Look at the Prayer Life of Jesus

     This course will give insight into the prayer life of Jesus.  His prayer life influenced thousands!  As Jesus dialogued faithfully with the Father, the sick were healed; the bound set free; the dead regained life and those who were lost, believed.  Jesus prayer life is a phenomenal testimony and model for all believers today.  This course will impact and change your life!  

Course Features:

  • 7 Full Interactive Modules with quality content
  • Videos, Q & A Sections
  • 'Test Your Knowledge' Prayer Quiz
  • Educational tool for Senior Homeschoolers
  • Great resource for Small Group Bible Study
  • Promote Discussion and Learning about Prayer
  • Use Your Bible to follow along with Scripture References
  • Instructors Feedback 
  • Downloadable Resources 
  • Prayer References/ Resources
  • Certificate of Completion

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"The Benefits of Prayer" Free Online Mini Course

Complete in One Hour!  This Course gives insight into the divine set-up that God developed for man to communicate with Him, called Prayer.  We will define prayer, discuss the fundamental benefits of prayer, examine a case study of prayer, and dialogue how prayer can change our lives! Click on the link, sign up and start class today.

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Anger Management: Controlling Your Anger

"Controlling Your Anger" is a course designed for individuals to become more aware of their personal reactions to anger.  Although anger is a normal emotion it can range from mild irritation to extreme rage and of course the later is unhealthy.  This course will explore our personal triggers to anger and new ways of responding to situations that provoke it.  

Course Features:

  • 6 Full Interactive Modules
  • 2 One-to-One (30 minute) Telephone Sessions
  • Videos, Q & A Sections
  • Anger Management Quiz 
  • Instructors Feedback 
  • Downloadable Resources
  • Educational Tool for Middle and High School Students 
  • References
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Documentation for Court if Needed
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

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